Voices Of Gaia
Harmony in a Digital Age
(the Quantocks 15th-19th July 2020)
The Quantocks, 15th - 19th July 2020
Harmony in a Digital Age
Voices of Gaia 2020 Event

Join us for this new Voices of Gaia event with the theme 'Harmony in a Digital Age' – 15th-19th July 2020 in the Quantocks, Somerset. 

This 5-day retreat has plenty to offer with guided walks, talks, yoga and other activities. A time to escape the pressures of the world and restore your mind, body and soul in the peaceful surroundings of the Quantocks, Britain's first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 


In the search for spiritual truth, our modern way of living can appear  soulless and disconnected. We face a wide range of threats to our well-being; not least from current plans to increase our exposure to more electromagnetic fields in the roll out of 5G telecoms. While we cannot individually change modern society, we can each change our perspective and our own ways of behaving. As well as take inspiration from the ancient past as a way of helping us to navigate future challenges.

Re-visiting the time when Egypt regarded itself as the ‘temple of the world’ can provide us with a practical blueprint of how to make sense of the world from an urban perspective, how to once again live in alignment and re-integrate the city into its wider natural environment. The Egyptians referred to this state of being as “living in ma’at”, in balance and in harmony. And its wisdom lives on in the Hermetic, alchemical traditions.

These traditions, some times called the ‘Western Way’, are the most relevant to us because they acknowledge the principles on which the earliest cities were created more than 7,000 years ago during the Bronze Age.


There is much that we can re-learn, having lost touch during the later Iron Age thanks to our Indo-European forebears, the Greeks, Romans, Celts. As a result, we have been living in a shadow civilisation for the last 2,500 years. Now is a time we can re-connect to the original blueprint for guidance.











(Eternal Knowledge Festival, Suffolk 2012)


The idea for Voices of Gaia grew out of an earlier event, Eternal Knowledge Festival which was first held in Suffolk in 2012. For the last two years, Voices of Gaia has been a talk space at Green Gathering Festival, taking the Hermetic wisdom tradition, “as above, so below”, to a free-thinking festival audience.


We have now decided to offer VofG's unique programme of earthy and esoteric subjects as a residential retreat in the Quantocks where we can explore in more depth these concepts and practices that have shaped civilisation for thousands of years - from magic, medicine of herbs to sacred geometry, divination and other esoteric subjects, as well as our troubled relationship with electrical forces which have the power to harm as well as heal. 

So, prepare to come with your walking boots and your yoga mat - and reserve 15th-19th July 2020 in your diary. Bookings will start in mid-January 2020. Early Bird from £395 for 5 days; other tickets available.

Eternal Knowledge Festival 2012

As well as guided walks, yoga and other activities, a series of expert speakers will enlighten us with their individual Voice of Gaia, focusing on seven main areas. These seven areas follow the system of the chakrahs, and these are their keywords which will give you an idea of the themes:-

     Safety – domesticated animals (livestock/pets/the homestead); grounding, contentment, the ‘base’, enough money, free from fear, needs met; working the earth with copper, sustainable production (food, clothing, building materials)

     Creativity –        physical and personal (tantric marriage of the sacred hieros gamos, marriage of heaven and earth), the temple and ancient earthworks, sacred geometry, beauty, architecture, government (infrastructure) 

     Empowerment –     trade, travel, enrichment, exchange of ideas/goods/energy, dowsing, 

energy lines, geodesy, dragon lines (Feng Shui), gold as currency, self-confidence, justice (weighing scales), spiritual economics

(the circular economy) 

     Love –     connectivity, through 

cooked food, the use of spices, diet and well-being, conscious eating, celebrations, feasting and cuisine; inclusive, genuine, truthful, trust, harmonies (“if music be the food of love…”) and healing with plants, crystals, colour, vibration

     Flow –        of emotion, of water (irrigation and ditching), consciousness of water, the weather (climate), calling in lightning for fertility of the earth, understanding the vortex, communication, plasma

and the electric universe

     Perception –      shamanism, divination, the alchemical journey, astral travel, intuition, astrology, seeing through the veil, meditation and visualization, tarot (listening to the messages)

     Wisdom –  etheric, galactic life force, mind-body-spirit healed, the eternal soul, consciousness into the void, the cosmos

The 5-day 'Harmony in a Digital Age' retreat in the Quantocks, Somerset will be based at Quantock Lodge and another private venue nearby. Built in the C19th, The Lodge was the former stately home of the one and only Lord Taunton. This grand old mansion eventually became a school in the 1960s and today offers well-priced accommodation

and other facilities, including a swimming pool. Access to 2,000 acres of forest is right on the doorstep. This secluded location is easily reached from the M5 at Bridgwater (20 minutes) and Taunton mainline railway station (25 minutes).

Tickets will be on sale on this website from mid January. Early Bird tickets for 5 days will start at £395 full board. Other ticket options - non-residential, weekend/day tickets - will also be available


More details to follow...


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